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Mistletoe: A Little-Known Cancer Healer

Mistletoe Has Been a Healing Herb in Europe since Antiquity Around the holidays is perhaps the only time that most people give any notice to mistletoe, that evergreen plant that hangs on the low-lying branches of certain trees. While not too many people are aware of its therapeutic qualities, in many parts of the world, especially in Europe, it has been a vital ingredient of the cancer healing protocols for years. 
Of all the cells we have circulating in our bodies, about 2 billion (roughly 5-15%) are identified as “natural killer” (NK) cells. The name makes them sound dangerous – and undeniably they are, but only to cancer cells and other pathogens that can harm the body! NK cells are a significantly important factor of our “natural immune system,” so sustaining a good NK cell level is vital for everyone. And particularly if you are on a cancer-healing or prevention path of any kind, a healthy amount of properly functioning NK cells in your system is absolutely fundamental. Follow the steps…
More than three-fourths of people with a variety of cancers have low levels of vitamin D, and the lowest levels are linked with more advanced cancers, a new study suggests. High-dose supplements increased vitamin D levels to normal in most patients studied. Studies propose that vitamin D has anti-tumor properties, regulating genes implicated in the growth and spread of cancer cells. The five most common diagnoses were breast, prostate, lung, thyroid, and colorectal cancers.
A new study links testosterone-lowering therapy with brain disease. A universal treatment procedure for men diagnosed withprostate cancerhas been linked to an increased risk forAlzheimer’s disease, according to a major new study, published in the December 7, 2015 issue of theJournal of Clinical Oncology
Wednesday, 24 February 2016 19:41

Why This Common Cooking Oil is a Cancer Nightmare

In 1956, a large cooking oil company published a series of advertisements in popular women’s magazine maintaining that “fried foods can become light” when its vegetable oil is consumed in place of butter or lard. The strong message to homemakers was that vegetable oil was a low-calorie answer to the more out-dated fats they were cooking with.Millions of well-intentioned cooks made the change, thinking their families would benefit from the healthier fat.
Wednesday, 17 February 2016 13:05

The Amazing Cancer-Healing Budwig Diet

The “Budwig Diet” has been a remarkably easy yet exceptionally successful cancer-healing protocol for over fifty years. The fundamental ingredients are uncomplicated yet quite radical: flax seed oil and cottage cheese. How the formula came to be is just as remarkable as why it works so well. In reality, it claims for many Cancer Conquerors, a success rate has high as 90%.
This past year, I have supported a myriad of individuals cope with their cancer diagnosis.  Those who have been successful cancer conquerors share four essentials. I call them the "4 important pillars". Master these important factors and use them as a checklist frequently.
Wednesday, 27 January 2016 11:50

Can gratitude heal disease?

For years, the only studies being done on the relationship between the emotions and physical health had to do with negative ones such as anger, fear and hopelessness. In recent years, however, there has been a flood of studies that have focused on the other side of the coin – how positive emotions, and especially feelings of gratitude, can have an effect on the body and on physical health.  The results of these studies point to a clear connection between the cultivation of positive emotional states and healing from and surviving major illness, including cancer. 
I was saddened to hear that just this past week, David Bowie, died on January 10, following a secret 18-month battle with liver cancer.  Alan Rickman, the British actor, best known for his role as Professor Snape in Harry Potter, died on January 14, after privately battling cancer. He was 69. René Angélil, Celine Dion’s husband and lifelong manager lost his battle to throat cancer on January 14. Consequently, Daniel Dion, the older brother of Celine Dion, died, just two days after the death of Celine’s husband. Daniel was 59 and was battling cancer for several years.  Dan Haggerty, from The Life…
Green tea fights cancer! Particularly, EGCG and other green tea antioxidants have been found to stop cancer cells from growing, kill cancer cells, and prevent the formation and growth of new blood vessels in tumors. Green tea leaves contain so-called ‘bioactive’ compounds, including green tea antioxidants, which act on our body in multiple beneficial ways. Specifically, green tea polyphenols known as catechins are believed to be responsible for many of the health benefits of green tea.
But that doesn’t mean the war is over. Let me explain. There is a new theme that is emerging. Synthesis. Instead of dividing everything into diseases and labels, emerging science is pointing to a different way of thinking about diseases. Disease is a systemic problem and we have to treat the system, not the symptom; the cause, not the disease. This completely redefines the whole notion of disease. The landscape of illness is changing.
An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but research shows the creamy avocado can hold its own when it comes to keeping you healthy. Studies have found the avocado’s generous supply of fatty acids, carotenoids, and other helpful nutrients are useful in the prevention of cancer and heart disease. But that’s not all the avocado has to offer. Once known primarily as the main ingredient in guacamole, the fruit is growing in popularity for its usefulness in fighting metabolic syndrome and obesity, along with supporting healthy joints, skin and vision.
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