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The Four Essentials on how to be a Cancer Conqueror

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This past year, I have supported a myriad of individuals cope with their cancer diagnosis.  Those who have been successful cancer conquerors share four essentials. I call them the "4 important pillars". Master these important factors and use them as a checklist frequently.

Fundamental #1: Attitude

Cancer is survivable. It doesn’t matter what “stage” or type of cancer. All patients with cancer can overcome it and live out their normal lifespan. People who believe this, with all their heart and soul, get well. Those who doubt it don’t. It’s that simple. Two things seem to characterize the individual with cancer that I’ve seen seen get well: First, they have decided to take charge of their own health care; and second, they have committed 100% to some regimen involving eating habits and supplements, and (super important) identifying and reversing the cause(s) of their cancer.

How do you get and keep this commitment and positive attitude? Get acquainted with other cancer conquerors and how they survived. What caused their cancer and how they got over it. Seek them out and talk to them. This is not a search for the “magic bullet” that heals all cancers. There is no such thing.

There are, however, literally hundreds of substances that are non-toxic and natural. Each one alone, or combined with others, has helped thousands of individuals with cancer become cancer conquerors. There are simple lifestyle changes (diet, supplements, exercise, sunshine and emotional peace) that restore health to patients with cancer. Many of them are quite inexpensive or even free.

Taking Charge of Your Own Health Care. You will not get this type of advice from your oncologist. You will usually be urged to begin chemotherapy and/or radiation immediately, or else you will die! Reality is by the time most

cancers are found the patient has had the cancer for months if not years. For your best chance of recovery, you must be prepared to resist this high-pressure sales pitch. You, after all, are in charge.

I advised that you delay any decisions about interventions (surgery, chemo, radiation, etc.) until you are well enough informed to make your plan. The “informed consent” that your oncologist provides is incomplete at best. It is designed to hustle you into believing that you have 3 choices - surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation. They downplay the power of proper nutrition or other “alternatives.”

Consider the above paragraph and I can help you get well. Doubt it and we probably can’t. Your training from childhood that doctors have all the answers to your health issues may make it impossible for you to accept this. It takes courage. You must be fearless. Keep an open mind. Accept controversy as a normal part of any treatment plan. Be strong. Family and friends are well meaning, but after a few hours of the research you have now started, you will know far more about your cancer than they do.

Fundamental #2: Advocate

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you need to find your closest friend or relative and ask them to be your advocate. Cancer evokes emotions in almost everyone that are difficult to deal with. Fear may freeze you. You are quickly exposed to confusing terms and advice of all types from well-meaning sources. By reading this article, you are preparing yourself to do battle with the cancer “system.” This battle is sometimes difficult and stressful. Allopathic medicine is designed to instill fear in those diagnosed with cancer. The path you are choosing is controversial. You need help and moral support. You are going to need to do research to find the information and resources (doctors, clinics, supplements, etc.) you need. This research does not require a great deal of time, using this website as a guide to the information available on the Internet. We’re talking about the equivalent of 1 or 2 ten-hour days to become “smarter than your oncologist.” Most patients with cancer, due to shock and or fear, do not have either the energy or patience to devote this much time to getting “up to speed.”

Your advocate needs to accompany you to every doctor’s appointment. He or she must be committed to your recovery and have a good sense of humor. He or she must be willing to question any healthcare professional when the information provided requires clarification. He or she must be willing to discuss options with your doctor and help you choose a second, third or fourth opinion doctor, if necessary. In summary, when your friend or loved one who is a cancer patient asks you to be their advocate, accept gratefully. There is no more spiritually fulfilling and uplifting role in this world. Your service will quite possibly save your relative or loved one’s life. It most certainly will help him or her avoid the drastic damage done to their lifestyle and well-being by the cancer “system.”

Fundamental #3: Assistance (The Right Holistic Professional)

This website will feature knowledge from many M.D.s and other medical professionals. All of them have broken the mold of the doctor who is concerned only with treating symptoms and ignoring the cause, the real disease. They have done unique research resulting in breakthrough knowledge about understanding the causes of cancer and treatments that work to reverse it at the cellular level. They are also concerned about prevention.

Fundamental #4 – Actionsoup

You must start treating yourself. Don’t wait until you find the perfect medical professional. While you’re searching for him or her, start taking supplements that are inexpensive, help any cancer and make it easier for you to regain your health. Change your diet. Start juicing. Time is more important to you now than at any time in your life. Untreated cancer does not stop spreading. You must begin your healing NOW. My recommended regimen usually reverses cancer in a few weeks for those who have not started conventional treatment. If you can just avoid the conventional “therapy” – surgery, radiation and chemotherapy – for that long, you will probably be “cancer-free.” These next few weeks are critical to your recovery. Many people have avoided the “cancer conveyer belt” of allopathic (conventional) medicine by becoming an integral partner in their healthcare team and making intelligent, well informed choices. If you have already started conventional therapy, don’t be discouraged. People recover from cancer at all stages. It just takes much longer (months, not weeks) if you have damaged your immune system with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. In summary, you need to keep in mind the four fundamentals:

 Ø A Positive Attitude

Ø An Advocate

Ø Assistance (from A Competent Holistic Professional)

Ø Action (Get Truckin’)

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