The Survival Triangle I call my three pillars to beat cancer the “survival triangle.” If you’re serious about keeping (or getting) cancer out of your life, follow these steps to better health. They are simple, proven fighters that will make you a winner against this devastating disease. Taking a single one and making it part of your life will make a huge difference in your overall health.
There are many things that drive cancer. Poor diet, chemical and radiation exposures, and certain infections, figure prominently in the process.  Stress, however, is a major contributing factor that is often completely overlooked. New research, however, sheds light on just how critically important the physiological consequences of stress are on cancer cell progression. 
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What is the success rate of chemotherapy?

You might not pay much attention to the ingredients in chewing gum because, after all, it’s not actually swallowed. But the ingredients, many of which are potentially dangerous, do enter your body, directly through the walls of your mouth.
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A Simple Diet for Cancer that Works

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The Thyroid Gland and Breast Cancer Risk

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The Biology of Cancer

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