Meditate with your Dog

Meditate with your Dog

With this 5-module online course you will magnify every aspect of your meditation practice while bonding with your dog.

This course is a beautiful way in which you can experience the meditative process in a super immersive way, guided by me every step of the way.

With the help of your dog, you'll take your meditative practice to a whole new level and you'll learn brand-new tools on how to grow spiritually, feel more centered and calm in your everyday life, and achieve higher level of energy.  

When you take the course you will learn:

  • Why Meditating with Your Dog is so doggone good for you. We'll start with a special module to prepare for the transformational work to come. This module gets you in the right headspace for an awesome meditative experience.
  • How to meditate with your dog. Become skilled at the powerful meditation technique. Enhance your practice with 2 guided downloadable meditation videos.
  • Master the three pet-centered meditationtechnique to mindfully connect with both your pet and yourself.
  • How to achieve bow wow bliss with your dog. How to totally live in the moment and have a "pawsome" day with my favorite 10 minute downloadable guided meditation.


This course enhances the radical and miraculous experience of clearing your mind, regulating your emotions, increasing your well-being for both you and your dog and finding peace.

Join me now. You'll be psyched from the moment you press play.

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $20.00