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7 Daily Positive Affirmations that will Improve the way you see your Life

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Dealing with our daily dramas is never easy.

Though we all hope for success at every turn of life, sometimes life decides to deal us a curve ball, and in those moments we need to deal with our problems while maintaining our self-control.


If you’re familiar with the subject of positive psychology you’ve likely been introduced to the topic of daily positive affirmations, and you might also be aware that those daily positive affirmations can be used to quiet aches and distress, heal the mind and comfort the soul in times of tribulation.


Everyday, we are bombarded by issues and problems, but we can open our minds to the simple messages of truth and love otherwise known as positive affirmations.

If you are not familiar with positive affirmations in the past, now is your chance.  Here are seven daily positive affirmations that can improve any discouraging situation.

#1: I’m a Gift to the World

Some days, it’s easy to feel self-pity, but in the end, you have to tell yourself that you’re too important to feel sorry for yourself.

If you feel alone and sad, remember that you are a gift to all those around you, and without you, this world would not be the same. Tell yourself those words over and over again until you can honestly admit that you truly are a gift.

#2: I Know How to Make the Right Choices for Me

Negative thinking comes naturally if you’re afraid of making bad decisions because of past mistakes, or you’re so concerned about the future that you can’t imagine messing it up with one small shift to your current path. Either way, you need to learn to trust yourself. Understand that you are the captain of your life, and as long as you can trust yourself, everything will ALWAYS work out. No exceptions.

#3: I Inhale Calmness and Exhale Anxiety

Things happen everyday that causes us fear or anxiety, but there is a way to handle those situations.

Each time you feel like you’re incapable of making it through a difficult moment in your life, try telling yourself that each time you breathe in you’re inhaling feelings of calmness, and each time you exhale you’re breathing out the fear and anxiety. It may take some practice, but with time you’ll be a pro at mastering your own fears.

#4: I Choose to Replace Anger With Forgiveness and Compassion

Anger can cause us unnecessary stress and over time, can actually damage the health of our bodies and minds. Some individuals are more prone to anger than others, but everyone can make the choice to replace anger with forgiveness and compassion.

Next time you feel your body fill with anger, tell yourself that you choose to not be angry at the mistakes of others, your own poor choices, or the natural events of life. Instead choose to forgive others for their mistakes, forgive yourself for your own mistakes, and fill your heart and soul with love and compassion.

#5: I Choose Hope and Optimism

When negative thoughts enter your mind, it’s easy to become a slave to those thoughts and give up hope of a better day. But even though it’s not easy, it’s still possible with a little extra effort.

The next time you sense a negative thought entering your mind, remind yourself that you’ve chosen hope and optimism. Tell yourself that from now on you are rejecting any negative thoughts sneaking in your mind.

#6: I Choose to See Friends and Loved Ones as a Gift

Your loved ones are in your life for a reason. Sometimes we just need a shoulder to cry on, or we need someone to tell us that we’re on the right track. You shouldn’t base all your self-confidence on what others believe you to be, but if you can admit that your loved ones are a gift, you won’t feel so alone when problems come your way.

#7: I’ve Dealt With Hardship, and Because of That I’m a Stronger Person

No one is exempt from life trials, but the people who deal with them best are the ones who acquire strength from previous struggles.

If you admit defeat whenever a difficult situation arises, you’ll be one step closer to letting negative thoughts and feelings invade your life. If on the other hand, you choose to recognize your hardships and use that as a foundation for future hope and success, you’ll be better off for it.

Use this list of positive affirmations daily to remind yourself that you are strong and an awesome person! 

I would like to hear from you. What are your daily affirmations and mantras?

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