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How to Stop Listening to the Negative Chatter in Your Head

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And start listening to the still, small voice of success—which lives inside all of us.

Why are we so frequently prone to do the things that are least important but so unwilling to do the important things that success and happiness require? What is the voice that whispers to us: Just let it all go. Why worry about all that self-awareness baloney?  It is the voice of negativity, a voice that has grown gradually controlling and stronger over the years as a result of being around the wrong people, thinking the wrong thoughts, adopting the wrong philosophy and making the wrong decisions.

Part of the answer to quieting the voice of negativity is learning to listen to the still, small voice of success, which exist inside each of us. The voice of success is frequently struggling to be heard over the noisy and constant the voice of failure. Our lack of self-awareness continuously allows us to follow whichever voice we choose. Every time we allow ourselves to surrender to the voice of negativity and are convinced to repeat the same behaviors, instead of learning new disciplines, the voice of negativity grows stronger. On the other hand, each time we listen to the influence of the voice of success, and are swayed to turn off the TV to go for a walk, to open our journals and note our thoughts, or to spend some time researching some healthy recipes to make for the week, the voice of success responds to these new disciplines and grows in strength and volume as each day passes. For each new discipline, you are in another step forward in developing healthy, life-long habits.


 We can never totally wipe out that negative, little voice of failure from within us. It will always be there, urging us to think and feel and act in a way that is opposing to our own best interests. But we can successfully silence this vicious influence by developing a habitual self-awareness philosophy and a positive attitude about life and our future.

Creating a new philosophy is easy to do. Making new and better lifestyle decisions is easy to do. Developing a new attitude is easy to do. All the meaningful and rewarding things are easy to do - eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life - but the major challenge, the one that could leave us discouraged and guilty - is that it is also easy not  to do.

We must keep a watchful eye on the delicate distinction between success and failure, and be ever mindful of the inner urgings that would have us repeating costly habitual errors rather than adopting new disciplines.

We must each make our own conscious decision to reach out for the good life through the fine-tuning of our thoughts and the careful scrutiny of our negative thoughts. We must not allow ourselves to think that these constant negative chatter doesn't matter. They do. We must not allow ourselves to assume that our compliance in one small area of our lives will not make a difference. It will. And we must not allow ourselves to believe that we can have all that we want and become all that we wish to be without making any changes in the way we think about life. We must.


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