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One Thought That Can Defeat Procrastination

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Did you know that one single thought can have a powerful effect on how you perceive change?

A clever, Powerful Truth to Conquer Procrastination

Are you ready to discover a simple truth that can shift your mindset and stop procrastination?

Progress is not convenient.

I know. It doesn’t sound too powerful at first, but the more you let this idea soak in and infiltrate the deep recesses of your mind, the more profound it will be.

We live in a country that basically worships convenience. People own their own cars because it’s faster and more convenient than public transit.You can order a meal and it will be at my door within an hour. Or go the drive-through and lunch in 10 minutes. You can shop online and get items delivered at your door within a few days. Dishwashers, washing machines, microwaves, and running water are just a few more ways we’re spoiled with convenience.

But progress is not convenient.

Progress requires a hefty amount of effort beyond our usual comfort and convenience: exercising, researching, writing, reading, thinking, planning, and strategizing are all less comfortable and convenient than other choices.

This is imperative to understand: you will very rarely feel like the best thing to do is also the most convenient thing to do at any given moment. Those who wait for progress to be convenient will procrastinate! 

The Tyranny of Convenience in the Mind

When so many facets of life are convenient—and convenience is really good—it’s easy to perceive convenience as a value. Our values control everything we do, but convenience is best used as a situational perk, and not a primary driving force of our decisions. We like convenience, but there is a valuable place for inconvenience, too. It’s not only valuable but essential to making progress when it seems inconvenient to your situation.

The next time you find yourself procrastinating, think about the fact that progress is rarely (if ever) convenient. We all want progress because progress is the foundation for success. The only way to get it, however, is to do something that will seem inconvenient! If you are accustomed to convenience, making progress might feel wrong to you. 

Why is it important to know that progress is inconvenient?

Because you can’t solve a problem you don’t know about. We will shun doing productive things if we (unknowingly) want them to be convenient. When we acknowledge that progress is always inconvenient, we wipe out these urges that make us wait to do what matters. Just being aware that the important things will usually feel inconvenient can persuade you to overlook the inconvenience and get moving!

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