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Bow Wow Bliss: the Benefits of Meditating with your Dog

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After more than a year of trying to “be still” and “quieting my monkey mind”, I finally purchased a book titled, "How to meditate with your Dog", written by James Jacobson.

According to the author, dogs meditate every single day.  Every day, your dog lives totally in the moment where your pooch is focused on simply being…and not doing. Wow, I thought. My dog meditates...a lot.

What’s more, I realized my dog Otis was giving me the gift of meditation. Everyday. Just that morning, during our morning walk, I watched my dog race around the trail, trying to catch that elusive raven. I smiled as I watched. His delight was contagious. He would pause just long enough to take a few more breaths deep into his belly, tongue hanging...then he'd be off again, high on sunshine and life.

I thought of nothing else as I watched. Not my computer, open to the blog post needed finishing. Not the breakfast dishes in the sick. Not the piles of laundry. The calls to be made. I just watched and breathed and savored. I meditated.

James Jacobson isn’t at all surprised by this epiphany as it’s one he had years ago. One that encouraged him to write “How to Meditate with Your Dog”, a book that landed him on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and CNN. “Dogs are natural meditators,” declares Jacobson, who insist that he means all dogs. “Dogs live in the moment,” says Jacobson, stating that’s all meditation really is.

So perhaps getting into the Zen state requires less of a stretch. The real Zen teacher sits at my side, or curled up on his favourite blanket or patiently waiting for the cat to leave his food bowl so he can lick what remains, every day. No cushion or candles required.

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