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Yes, You Can Lose Weight Without Depriving Yourself. Here's How

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If you've ever tried to shed a few pounds, you know it's not easy —but there's nothing more rewarding than the moment you realize that your deliberate, steady progress has paid off. Maybe you've added more vegetables to your diet, or perhaps you've taken up walking every day or join a yoga class. Whatever the case, there's no one thing that leads to losing weight and keeping it off—it's a sequence of little tweaks.

Whether you're getting started on your own weight loss journey or you're looking to stay on track, here are a few hacks to keep in mind.

What the mind thinks, the body follows.

There’s something interesting about subconscious thoughts. It seems, when things are going well, they’re going great. Why is that?

As we tell ourselves that we can be exactly who we want to be, we tend to make choices that support that thought process. For example, if you’re thinking "I am healthy", when it’s time to choose a healthy meal at a restaurant, you’ll be inclined to choose a meal that supports your new "healthy" identity and thought processes.

Mindfulness is at the foundation of weight loss. Being in control emotionally is a great basis for healthy decision making. Beyond that, there are a few other hacks you can use to increase momentum in your weight-loss and health journey.

Affirm your goals and confirm your identity to yourself.

Affirmations may be the most underrated mindfulness technique today. Affirmations are statements you read (or record and listen to) every morning and evening. I understand if you're suspicious of them at first glance, but research shows that mantras and positive affirmations actually have the power to rewire the brain.

Consider these affirmations:

  • I love exercising every day. I am in perfect health and love my body. Going to the gym, make me feel in control, balanced and accomplished, and energized. I feel amazing every day.
  • I am a motivated, strong person, I feel good every single day, and this makes me feel healthy, happy, and energetic.
  • I am a powerful body, powerful mind, and a powerful soul. I'm smart and deserving of the world’s greatest levels of success.
  • I am a happy person who is intoxicated with living; I enjoy life and life is good to me.  I am excited about my life.

Affirmations quickly snap you out of any morning tiredness or funk and excite you for the day. The outcome is that I am always mindful and grateful that I have a well-functioning body, and I am compelled to support and sustain that belief process by exercising and eating healthy—just as my affirmations have confirmed.

Mind your diet: Eat greens; experience all-natural weight loss.

Greens don’t just make us "feel" healthy when we eat them—they actually support fat loss. Fiber, which is readily available in almost all greens, is one of the few body systems that can break down fat molecules.

To make the most of your greens, it’s ideal to eat them raw. That way, none of the nutrients have been loss in the cooking process.  They may taste a bit "different" to you at first, but after just a few times you’ll develop an appetite for the crunch and flavor of fresh veggies. If this is hard on your stomach (not everyone digests raw vegetables easily), roast or lightly steam your vegetables. You'll still get tons of nutrients!

Go for fasted fitness.

As you're planning out your workouts, eating typically becomes a big question. Suddenly you're asking yourself, "Do I need that protein shake for this workout?" It seems that exercising will be the more taxing when you have no "fuel" in your body, and everybody's body is different—for some people this is the case. But for others, their bodies function better in a fasted state.

Hunger can actually energize you through a process called ketosis. Ketosis happens when your body’s main fuel source, glucose (or carbohydrates) is depleted, and the body and brain will turn to other sources for fuel.

More specifically, your body will create ketones from fat, which are used as fuel for the body. Ketones are nearly twice as easy for the body to burn, resulting in much more energy. Simply put, you get more bang for your buck when burning fat in a carb-depleted state.

Beware of the snack attack.

The urge to snack is real—trust me, I know! But the next time you feel the urge to reach for that bag of pretzels, chips, or that extra-large cookie, ask yourself this: Are you snacking because you're tired or bored or because your body is actually craving nutrients? If the answer is that you're tired or bored, go for a 15-minute walk if your schedule allows for it. You'll probably find that the outdoor air refreshes you and fulfills that snacking urge.

Happy mind, happy body.

As you go into your week, remember that your mindfulness practices will support good decision making. Meditation, walks, eating greens, and any activity you do is going to help support your wellness and weight-loss goals.

So keep up these simple practices and the rest of life will find its way into balance, including your weight. When you start developing self-awareness and mindfulness, your mind will follow and your body will naturally change. 

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