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DISCOVER the Vampire ARCHETYPE Featured

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The Vampire ARCHETYPE is a predator who can’t function without the psychic fuel that he or she takes from others. This type is usually well put-together but phony, charismatic and seems like a perfectly attractive individual. But wait until the fangs come out! That’s when you’ll see the Vampire’s true colors.

The vampire archetypes use many schemes to keep their powers.  Some are passive-aggressive, exhausting you with their mental games. Others are paranoid and territorial and becoming angry if you can’t give in. Some are hypochondriacs worrying on their illnesses and others are perfectionists who can't enjoy their lives and depend on you to relieve their stress.

An archetype is basically the generic portrayal of a particular type of person. For example, calling someone a “Mother Theresa” is to use the self-sacrificing nature of the original Mother Theresa as an archetype. Calling someone a “Judas” is to accuse that person of betraying a friend while the Judas of the Gospels is the archetype. The vampire is such an archetype.

The vampire archetype superpowers

  • Seductive and controlling
  • Can psychically suck you dry, and you won’t even know what hit you!
  • Take, take, take and never give
  • Act weak or hurt, and then prey on your sympathy
  • Endless pits of neediness

A Happy Vampire

Just as the Vampires in movies get bored because they are immortal and have seen it all, the Vampire archetypes are not good at entertaining themselves or finding joy in their current life. So when fresh blood presents itself, they become more alert and alive. Their predatory instincts kick in and they become energized by the idea that they could soon be sinking their teeth into a new victim. 

Vampire Entourage

Vampires are very content to drain anyone energy and will attack unguarded souls of all types. They are especially seductive to trusting and caring people like the Angel and Lover archetypes. Also the Victim and Codependent will definitely fall for the Vampire’s tricks every time.

Vampire in Love

The partners of Vampire archetypes are easy to spot. They look rather miserable and tired. If you believe that the person you love might be a Vampire there is an easy way to tell. Do you have more energy when you are away from this person than you have when you are around them? Do you feel drained around this person? If your relationship regularly leaves you tired and worn out, then you might be a Vampire’s victim.

Vampire Challenge

In movies, vampires can’t see themselves in mirrors? The Vampire archetypes are the same way they just can’t see themselves objectively and lack self-awareness. They are oblivious to the fact that they are draining people. These Vampires are simply trying to fill the gaping void of their souls and have no idea how to generate their own power.

How to live with the Vampire Archetype

Set personal limits and enforce them. Know what you will and won’t do. And when you feel someone is emotionally draining you be prepared to walk away. Leave them to figure out how to ground themselves without you. Learn to build an imaginary wall of white light around you. This is your psychic shield that blocks negativity and wards off neediness, letting in only positive forces.

Here is your chance to leave feedback about your experiences of people who have shown up as Vampires in your life! I will be happy to share with you some tools to protect yourself from being attached and losing energy!

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