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You’ve seen wheatgrass shots at health food stores and smoothie places, right? These days, it seems every smoothie shop – and even fancy coffee shops – sell shots of wheatgrass as a “healthy complement” to your order. BUT, IS WHEATGRASS GOOD FOR YOU?
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When people hear about the ketogenic diet one of the first questions they ask is what’s so good about it? And this is another fad diet. So in this post I’m going to write about the wonderful benefits of the keto diet. Let's start first in understanding what the ketogenic diet actually is and what it’s all about.
The answer may be yes. The secret, however, seems to be setting expectations. What do I mean? Well, one study with some very clever scientists either told subjects that a shake they were getting was high or low calorie even though both shakes were the same calories (Crum et al. 2011 - Mind over milkshakes: Mindsets, not just nutrients, determine ghrelin response). Guess what? Turns out that when the individuals thought the shake was higher calorie, their bodies' decreased their hunger hormones more and thus felt more satiated!
When clients first enter my office, one of the most common goals they have is to shed pounds. They soon find out, however, that it’s easier said than done; there are so many factors that go into a person’s weight-loss journey, and these can be both deeply personal and highly varied.
If there's one confirmable truth I've learned about weight loss over the last several years it's this...  Unless you change how your brain is wired, dieting won't work for you as a long term solution.  It's frustrating and annoying ... but it's true...   You see, according to Stanford University, 97% of people who lose weight regain it, and more, within 3 years.
Willpower is one of humans weakest of mental forces. We often think of willpower as an aspect of our moral character, or as a tool that gets better with age or more effective with practice. This common myth reveals our preconceived notion — it suggests that all the willpower we need is there, waiting for us to muster, rally, raise us, and we can summon it at a snap of a finger. If we fail on our diet, then shame on us. But willpower isn’t what you think it is and doesn’t work how you think it works.
We have all purchased the diet books, the diet plans and joined diet programs that were supposed to make us skinny and change our lives. All these purchases promised you and made you believe they have the magic formula. Eat what they say, and losing weight will be easy and quick. 
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Why diets Don't work

Can you guess the #1 issue with all weight loss programs?  Long term sustainability. Livable. Bearable. Neither 30-day diets, cleanses, boot camps nor 10-day juice fasts are the real answers for weight loss. 
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Why Lose Weight?

You're about to sit down to another salad with chicken like you eat every day for lunch when it hits you: You just can't do this healthy eating thing anymore. And the thought of tonight's Zumba class makes you want to scream. You just want to inhale a bag of potato chips and not feel guilty about it and worry about the numbers on the scale. Whether you're in the middle of trying to lose 100 pounds or you're three months into a new fitness routine, your motivation to lose weight is gone. So what do you do?
The Christmas season is right around the corner – this means quality time with friends and loved ones, cold nights wrapped up on the couch watching classic movies, awesome work and holiday parties, and an extra ten pounds of unwanted weight as a result of:  
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Why It's So Freaking Hard To Eat Healthy

Most people have a hard time shifting to a healthier diet, and they don’t realize what’s going on. Why? Because many of us use foods to meet many of our needs, and taking the food away means that you have no way of dealing with some difficult issues. Food is a coping mechanism for most people, and to improve our health, we need to adopt new ways of coping. Some examples of how we use food to deal with life: We eat when we’re stressed. We eat when we’re sad or depressed. We eat as a reward when we’ve done something…
Your body requires nutrients to stay alive. They are the LEGO'S building blocks of all facets within your body.To say nutrients are vital is a huge underestimation.Nutrients are the foundation of your existence. However, no other subject on earth seems to have as much debate as the diet's nutrient intake does.  It’s a complex subject, it's messy and no one seems to agree or have the answers.
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