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The Vampire ARCHETYPE is a predator who can’t function without the psychic fuel that he or she takes from others. This type is usually well put-together but phony, charismatic and seems like a perfectly attractive individual. But wait until the fangs come out! That’s when you’ll see the Vampire’s true colors. The vampire archetypes use many schemes to keep their powers.  Some are passive-aggressive, exhausting you with their mental games. Others are paranoid and territorial and becoming angry if you can’t give in. Some are hypochondriacs worrying on their illnesses and others are perfectionists who can't enjoy their lives and…
How well do you know yourself especially as an employee? If you’re like most people, you probably have a decent idea about your own career aspirations, values, beliefs, and opinions. You have a personal code that you choose to follow that dictates whether you are being a “good” employee. If there is any one thing you can know in this universe, surely it is who you are. But what if you’re wrong? Now, before you launch into a, “Hey, you don’t know me, you don’t know my life, you don’t know what I’ve been through to get where I am!”-style defense, contemplate this…
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Do you and your partner have the same old fight? Is it followed by days of banging doors, sleepless nights on the couch, or resentful silence? Does the idea of communicating with your loved one involve idle chit chat while gazing at the T.V. or glossing over your cell phone? Are you struggling with conflict and disagreements that show up as passive-aggressive behaviors in yourself or others? What about with colleagues at work or even with whom you interact with on social media? Good communication is essential to having a loving, harmonious relationship. But, most of us were never really…
If you were to hear me talk to my dog, Otis when I’m home alone, you’d probably think I’m nuts. That’s because every time I see those beautiful brown eyes of his, I start talking to him  in a voice that’s three octaves higher than mine, filled with cheesy terms of endearments, like “you're so handsome,” “yes you're so smart," and “sweetie pie.” That’s right: baby talk.
We live in a world of duality. Male and female. Hot and cold. Yin and yang. Light and dark. All opposites. Because of this duality, there are two sides to everything, with a spectrum in between. One of the most important types of duality in our world has to do with personality. Namely, our shadow selves – the dark side of our personality.
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PETS help you LIVE LONGER, healthier LIVES

Having a dog is associated with a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease or other causes, according to a 2017 study that followed 3.4 million people in Sweden. Researchers studied men and women between the ages of 40 and 80 and followed their health records (and whether they owned a dog) for about a dozen years. The study found that for people who lived alone, owning a dog can decrease their risk of death by 33 percent and their risk of cardiovascular-related death by 36 percent, compared to single people without a pet. Chances of having a heart attack were also…
I believe everyone should meditate. Even you. But if you’re anything like I used to be, you’re totally uninterested. The reason I avoided even trying meditation for so many years was because I didn't think it was a worthwhile practice. I really didn't think there were that many benefits.
10 minute read Despite fat shaming being the #1 tool used to whip people into shape, it's the most harmful tool you can include when trying to lose weight for longer than one summer. The reason - it's destructive? It weakens you! And it shames you! And it's not nice to treat people like that.
I want to share a powerful idea with you. And it's very simple. It goes like this: Stop trying to feel better. Once I realized that—my life changed. Like the total necessity of looking to your own inner wisdom and instincts, rather than looking for a solution in the external environment.   The problem is this: Most of us know what we should do.
Our culture today is neurotically focused on unrealistic expectations: Be content. Be joyful. Be healthier. Be the greatest, better than your friends. Be sexy, smarter, faster, richer, most admired, more creative, more envied, and more popular, more Zen.
Most people aren't aware of this, but everyone owns a psychological immune system. Just like your body's immune system will bring you back to health when you're sick, your psychological immune system will do the same at times when you're feeling frustrated, confused, anxious or sad.
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There’s a contradiction with the self-improvement inspiration and it is this: the ultimate goal of all self-improvement is to reach the point where you no longer feel the need to improve yourself.
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