Joanne Groulx

Joanne Groulx

Joanne Groulx is a holistic nutritionist and a Licensed Healing Arts Professional. She’s the founder of the Holistic Health Centre in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Through her services, Joanne has helped thousands of people improve, with the power of the mind, spirit and body, and heal conditions such as cancer, diabetes, food addictions, depression, hormonal imbalances, heart disease, and more. She’s an advocate of natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle. In 2013, her husband Wayne was diagnosed with Stage IV throat cancer. Using conventional and alternative cancer treatments (herbal supplements, homeopathy and diet), her husband was able to return to work after just 6 months. Joanne believes in the body's incredible ability to heal itself, prevent disease, and become stronger and more resilient. She has dedicated her career in promoting alternative cancer therapies, empowering those facing a cancer diagnosis, encouraging them to become active participants of their treatments and finally to transform into a cancer conqueror. She can be reached at (705) 269-0063 or at

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The Vampire ARCHETYPE is a predator who can’t function without the psychic fuel that he or she takes from others. This type is usually well put-together but phony, charismatic and seems like a perfectly attractive individual. But wait until the fangs come out! That’s when you’ll see the Vampire’s true colors.

The vampire archetypes use many schemes to keep their powers.  Some are passive-aggressive, exhausting you with their mental games. Others are paranoid and territorial and becoming angry if you can’t give in. Some are hypochondriacs worrying on their illnesses and others are perfectionists who can't enjoy their lives and depend on you to relieve their stress.

An archetype is basically the generic portrayal of a particular type of person. For example, calling someone a “Mother Theresa” is to use the self-sacrificing nature of the original Mother Theresa as an archetype. Calling someone a “Judas” is to accuse that person of betraying a friend while the Judas of the Gospels is the archetype. The vampire is such an archetype.

The vampire archetype superpowers

  • Seductive and controlling
  • Can psychically suck you dry, and you won’t even know what hit you!
  • Take, take, take and never give
  • Act weak or hurt, and then prey on your sympathy
  • Endless pits of neediness

A Happy Vampire

Just as the Vampires in movies get bored because they are immortal and have seen it all, the Vampire archetypes are not good at entertaining themselves or finding joy in their current life. So when fresh blood presents itself, they become more alert and alive. Their predatory instincts kick in and they become energized by the idea that they could soon be sinking their teeth into a new victim. 

Vampire Entourage

Vampires are very content to drain anyone energy and will attack unguarded souls of all types. They are especially seductive to trusting and caring people like the Angel and Lover archetypes. Also the Victim and Codependent will definitely fall for the Vampire’s tricks every time.

Vampire in Love

The partners of Vampire archetypes are easy to spot. They look rather miserable and tired. If you believe that the person you love might be a Vampire there is an easy way to tell. Do you have more energy when you are away from this person than you have when you are around them? Do you feel drained around this person? If your relationship regularly leaves you tired and worn out, then you might be a Vampire’s victim.

Vampire Challenge

In movies, vampires can’t see themselves in mirrors? The Vampire archetypes are the same way they just can’t see themselves objectively and lack self-awareness. They are oblivious to the fact that they are draining people. These Vampires are simply trying to fill the gaping void of their souls and have no idea how to generate their own power.

How to live with the Vampire Archetype

Set personal limits and enforce them. Know what you will and won’t do. And when you feel someone is emotionally draining you be prepared to walk away. Leave them to figure out how to ground themselves without you. Learn to build an imaginary wall of white light around you. This is your psychic shield that blocks negativity and wards off neediness, letting in only positive forces.

Here is your chance to leave feedback about your experiences of people who have shown up as Vampires in your life! I will be happy to share with you some tools to protect yourself from being attached and losing energy!


How well do you know yourself especially as an employee?

If you’re like most people, you probably have a decent idea about your own career aspirations, values, beliefs, and opinions.

You have a personal code that you choose to follow that dictates whether you are being a “good” employee.

If there is any one thing you can know in this universe, surely it is who you are.

But what if you’re wrong?

Now, before you launch into a, “Hey, you don’t know me, you don’t know my life, you don’t know what I’ve been through to get where I am!”-style defense, contemplate this for a second:

Have you ever said or done something at work that was really shitty, mostly on an impulse, that you later regretted?

Such as this offensive remark:  

"That's crazy!"

Beware of snap judgments. Whether directed at a person or an idea brainstormed in a meeting, "that’s crazy" reeks of discrimination and makes you look extra "judgy".  Using phrases like "that’s crazy," "how stupid," and "that’s a dumb idea," can show your true weaknesses, your power struggles and your lack of creativity at work.  Your ability to regulate your own emotions for better interpersonal relations can be the difference between having a great career versus a good one.  

Not understanding your dark side at work is sure to slow your professional growth.  The workplace is a fabric of people who can only move their projects forward with the support of others. In a macro sense, a team with strong self-awareness can mean millions of dollars added to the bottom line.

or...what about this one: "that’s not my job"!

This is a phrase you should never, ever utter at work unless you’d like to be unemployed.  Sure, it can be dreadful to be assigned a task that isn’t technically "your thing", however, answering your manager or the team with the response ‘that’s not my job’ is not a smart move.

This phrase and its cousins — "I’m too busy", and "Can’t someone else do it" — are surefire ways for your performance review to go a little something like this: “While you’ve excelled at your individual work, I’m really worried that you’re not a team player and that you are only willing to collaborate on projects, not for the good of the team but if it only interest you.  Given this, I’m not sure whether XYZ company is the place for you.”

Avoid that conversation entirely.  If you like your job and want to advance, but feel like you’re sometimes your own worst enemy, take a step back.  Is telling yourself that you're too busy feeding your ego and your insecurities.  

One thing that can sabotage you from achieving greatness is YOURSELF.  

According to Jung’s theory, we distance ourselves psychologically from those behaviors, emotions, and thoughts that we find dangerous.

Rather than confront something that we don’t like, our mind pretends it does not exist. Aggressive impulses, outburst, bragging, self-importance are a few examples of shadow aspects, things people contain but do not admit to themselves that they contain.

You hold within you the power to improve your career and make a difference to the lives of the people around you. The world desperately needs more kindness, more trust, and more cooperation to heal divisions, address interpersonal conflict, avoid bullying, harassment and discrimination.  Doing deep inner work may seem like a self-absorbed process, but you’ll come to find that, at its core, it truly becomes about so much more than just you.

If you were to hear me talk to my dog, Otis when I’m home alone, you’d probably think I’m nuts. That’s because every time I see those beautiful brown eyes of his, I start talking to him  in a voice that’s three octaves higher than mine, filled with cheesy terms of endearments, like “you're so handsome,” “yes you're so smart," and “sweetie pie.” That’s right: baby talk.

We live in a world of duality.

Male and female. Hot and cold. Yin and yang. Light and dark. All opposites.

Because of this duality, there are two sides to everything, with a spectrum in between.

One of the most important types of duality in our world has to do with personality. Namely, our shadow selves – the dark side of our personality.

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You’ve seen wheatgrass shots at health food stores and smoothie places, right? These days, it seems every smoothie shop – and even fancy coffee shops – sell shots of wheatgrass as a “healthy complement” to your order.


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Do you and your partner have the same old fight? Is it followed by days of banging doors, sleepless nights on the couch, or resentful silence?

Does the idea of communicating with your loved one involve idle chit chat while gazing at the T.V. or glossing over your cell phone? Are you struggling with conflict and disagreements that show up as passive-aggressive behaviors in yourself or others? What about with colleagues at work or even with whom you interact with on social media?

Good communication is essential to having a loving, harmonious relationship. But, most of us were never really taught the art of relationship dialogue. Sure, we read magazine articles about finding the right moment to express our needs and how we need to learn how to compromise, etc. We try to get them to hear our point of view and then get frustrated when our partner, colleague or friend doesn’t seem interested.

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A B12 deficiency can go undiagnosed for years, but this is how you know it's time to take notice.

Earlier this month, a friend of mine barely avoided a horrible fall when she passed out during a hiking trip. Her diagnosis? B12 deficiency. Once she learned the symptoms, she realized it had been progressing for months, her symptoms disregarded, and her experience isn't uncommon.

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When people hear about the ketogenic diet one of the first questions they ask is what’s so good about it? And this is another fad diet. So in this post I’m going to write about the wonderful benefits of the keto diet.

Let's start first in understanding what the ketogenic diet actually is and what it’s all about.

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PETS help you LIVE LONGER, healthier LIVES

Having a dog is associated with a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease or other causes, according to a 2017 study that followed 3.4 million people in Sweden. Researchers studied men and women between the ages of 40 and 80 and followed their health records (and whether they owned a dog) for about a dozen years. The study found that for people who lived alone, owning a dog can decrease their risk of death by 33 percent and their risk of cardiovascular-related death by 36 percent, compared to single people without a pet. Chances of having a heart attack were also 11 percent lower.

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2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

This 2-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding couldn’t be easier to make. All you need is dark chocolate and coconut milk. This chocolate pudding is rich, thick, and incredibly mousse like. You can use any dark 70 to 85% chocolate and sweeten with stevia or xylitol, if you wish.

Serves: 6


1 can full-fat coconut milk

1 cup chocolate chips or dark chocolate pieces 70-85% (5 ounces)


In a saucepan, heat coconut milk and chocolate over very low heat

Stir constantly until chocolate is melted

Divide mixture between six ½ cup mason jars

Refrigerate for 3 hours

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